Filmography Links

·Mark's latest feature film, I, Father (Un 'Ati), a Kosovo/UK co-production screened as an official selection at the All Lights Indywood Film Festival in Hyderabad, India and his short dance documentary, 'Time', following UK singer, dancer and choreographer Aamar as he produces his unique production of 'Time: The Album Show' is an official selection at the Inshort Film Festival, Lagos in December after premiering in India at AFC Global Fest in 2017. Another recently completed film is 'How Do You Sleep At Night?' an experimental essay feature length film... (See left)

· Mark's movie, Shadow Gene screened at numerous international festivals including the Swedish International Film Festival, Institute of Experimental Arts in Athens, Greece, Cineautopsia Experimental Film Festival in Bogota, and scooped Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress at Filmfest Kosova, a Special Mention at the Dada Saheb Phalke Festival, Best Actress and Best Editing awards at the Peloponnesian International Film Festival. Mark's 2013 film Ham & The Piper also won a number of international awards, including Best Actor at the Eko International Film Festival, a Silver Chris Award from the Columbus International Film & Video Festival, a SevenArts Best Film and Best Actor Award at the Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and Best Film at the Black International Cinema Festival. His 2006 film Crossing Bridges won the Screen Nation Independent Spirit Award, the Audience Award at the Corinthian International Film Festival and Best Editing at the Cyprus International Film Festival. Mark's first feature film, Love is Not Enough (2001) premiered at the Soho Curzon Cinema in central London as part of the BFM International Film Festival and had a short theatrical run the following year.

other film projects

· In 2012 Mark directed 3 short films for The Secret Listeners, a site-specific installation project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and produced by Pascal Theatre Company who also produced the groundbreaking archive project Jewish Mothers & Daughters which Mark directed in 2006.