Stream short films

·Mark recently completed Incendium (9.5), a micro short dedication to the Grenfell tragedy. His film, Seine Toxique (6', 2019), was an official selection at the 2020 Bogota Experimental Film Festival; The Room (5', 2018) and SES-QUI-CENTENARY (21', 2019) which recently screened in competition for the "Spirit of Peace" Award at the XXII Religion Today International Film Festival in Italy. His 2018 short, 'Time', a half hour dance documentary following UK dancer and choreographer Aamar Butt during the summer of 1994 premiered at the AFC Global Fest in India.

· Mark's short film, Anonymity (16mm, S8, DV, 2008) produced for zero budget first screened in competition at the Festival of Peace in Italy before being officially selected for the Access & Paradox Art Fair in Paris where it was picked up for distribution by Tribeca Film Institute.  

·Vengeance by Proxy (DV, 2005) is an experimental short about two women at the wrong end of an affair who get together to strike back against the cheating husband.

· Mark's short film Diary Of Somebody (16mm, 2000) is a film about a man who wakes up the fact that in today's society it is no longer a "Man's Man's World". The film won a London Film & Video Award and has played at festivals all over the world including Le Mans International Film Festival, bfm International Film Festival, Welsh Black International Film Festival, Foyle International Film Festival, Manchester International Film Festival, Beats, Bytes & the Big Screen Film Festival, Bradford Black & Asian Film Festival, Edinburgh UK, Portobello Film Festival, Chichester Film Festival, Greenwich Film Festival, Grenzland International Film Festival, Black International Cinema Festival, Brest International Film Festival amongst others. The film was also licensed by where it was regularly voted a Top Ten Best Film.  

·Bagman (DV, 2004) is a promo scene from a proposed feature film project conceived from a script by Mark Norfolk which was shortlisted for TAPS, Teddington Arts Performance Showcase - sponsored by BBC Films, as well as being shortlisted for the Orange/Pathe Screenwriting Prize and selected for Moonstone International Film Lab.

·Rage (16mm, 1997) is a short experimental film made as a response to the brutal slaying of young, black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, killed by white youths while waiting at a bus stop in 1994 and the subsequent failure of the authorities to bring anyone to justice. The film premiered at Screen Test in Cardiff and later at the Truly Madly Cheaply Film Showcase in London.

·Miles Away (16mm, 1996) is a pop promo directed by Mark Norfolk and Kerry Hope Kavanagh for Welsh band, Diesel Bug.

·The Slimes (DV, 2003) is a short corporate film made for Southwark Council's Environmental Services.

·The Grimes (DV, S8,1999) was commissioned by Lewisham Environmental Services and went on to win a Regional Government "Tidy Britain" Campaign Award.

·Vegetaria (16mm, 1998) is a short experimental film about a woman who wakes to discover her estranged sister in her house cooking meat even though she is a strict vegetarian. The film screened at the BFM International Film Festival, Black Welsh Film Festival, Direction Film Club, Belfast, Raindance Film Festival, Black International Cinema Festival, Truly Madly Cheaply Film Showcase.

·Nation (DV, 1996) is a short allegorical film about a scientist who develops a new serum against the advice of his faculty.

Other Film Projects

· In 2012 Mark directed 3 short films for The Secret Listeners, a site-specific installation project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and produced by Pascal Theatre Company who also produced the groundbreaking archive project Jewish Mothers & Daughters which Mark directed in 2006.